Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~ Things with Wings ~ (Oh how I wish I had some.)

Here's the thing... I am completely fascinated by things that can fly.
 Most of them are either really beautiful
or else so ugly that they're beautiful.

Today in the field acrossed the street from my job,

the field that I often wander on my lunch break,

looking for what ever is cool enough

to catch the attention of my lens,

there were about 20 some odd of these

dime sized

Western Pygmy-Blue Butterflies.

Did I tell you they are DIME sized?

With their wings spread.

They were very patient

as I sat myself very slowly 

among the dirt and weeds,

to capture them in still, forever!

Duck and Geese...

are beautiful and funny creatures

of land, water, and air.

I especially fell in love

with the geese.

These are Chinese Geese.

They mate for life.

They float on their bellies
with their cute webbed feet floating behind them.

These ducks are clearly used to people,

but that doesn't make them

less beautiful.

I love those orange webbed feet.

Ducks also mate for life.

This little lady was the life of the party


Grooming himself in public.

Resting in the shade.


Seagull taking a dive.

Water off a ducks back.

These geese are always in a group.

They are like royalty on this water.





Ducks playing.




Did I say...